Change of Circumstance Service

Change of Circumstance Service

The Change of Circumstance (CoC) Service, which is part of the wider Student Information Service (SIS), utilises the HE Portal, allowing CoC notfications to be created and submitted online through the HE Portal. On submission the notifications are sent automatically for processing.  All CoC notifications must be entered via the CoC Service within SIS with the exception of SAAS students, 'Old Style' Part Time (PTG1) students and Fee Waiver CoCs.

CoCs for SAAS students should continue to be submitted directly to SAAS either by email or paper form as is the current process. 

CoCs for 'Old Style' Part Time (PTG1) students should continue to be submitted on paper and sent by email to or post to Student Finance England, PO Box 210, Darlington, DL1 9HJ. 

Fee Waiver CoCs are automatically created from the information passed from the Bursaries system.


CoC XML File Import

In order to assist HEIs in submitting a large number of CoCs, users can submit upto 500 notifications at the same time, covering all categories, via an XML bulk upload file. In order to aid HEIs in developing an XML File for the upload facilty we have a Bulk CoC XML File Technical Specification available on request. Schema Version 4.0 is the most recently issued version offered for the XML file import and full details are available in the change of Circumstance File Upload Technical Specification version 9.0. For a copy of this technical specification as well as further details on the XML file upload, please contact the HEI Services Team.


CoC User Guide

Click here for the  COC Service Online User Guide and a copy of the SIS Service Definition document.


CoC User Access

Any user access requests for the CoC Service should be forwarded to the HEI Services Team


CoC Paper Form

A copy of the paper CoC Form is available to download. These should be submitted for SAAS students and 'Old Style' Part Time (PTG1) students only, all other CoCs should be submitted through the HE Portal. (except Fee Waiver CoCs).


Reassessment Scenarios

Details on a number of different 'Reassessment Scenario's' that result from CoCs being submitted at different points during an academic year can be viewed here.


CoC Date Guidance

The attached guidance document provides details on what dates to use in certain categories of Change of Circumstance.


CoC Service Enhancements

Click here to view the catalogue of proposed CoC Service Enhancements. Send any suggestions to the HEI Services Team